The TWENDE team

Dr. Wilber SabiitiDr. Wilber Sabiiti BSc, MSc, PhD, Dip. Educ, is a Senior Research fellow in medicine at the University of St. Andrews. Sabiiti is a Ugandan with over eight years of international research experience in diagnostics and infectious disease mechanisms. Sabiiti led the first multi-site study evaluating novel molecular technique for rapid monitoring of tuberculosis treatment in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. He is the Principle investigator and lead researcher of the TWENDE Consortium.




Prof. Gibson Sammy KibikiProf. Gibson Sammy Kibiki MD, MMedPhD is the Executive Secretary of the East African Health Research Commission of the East African Community. He is the founding Director of Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute. Prof. Kibiki has over 20 years of clinical practice, academics, research, and administration. He led successful international-standard research programmes on HIV, TB, Malaria, and NTDs at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute. He is the TWENDE liaison with the institution of the East African Community.




Dr. Evans AmukoyeDr. Evans Amukoye MD, MMed (Paediatrics), is the Director of Centre for Respiratory Diseases Research and the Deputy Director of Research and Administration of Kenya Medical Research Institute. Dr. Amukoye has over 15 years experience of clinical practice in paediatrics and respiratory diseases research, with particular focus on TB. He is the national TWENDE Principle Investigator for Kenya.





Ms Norah OwaragaMs. Norah Owaraga BA, PGDipDevMgmt(Open), MScDevMgmt(Open) is Managing Dire
ctor of CPAR Uganda Ltd, a development organisation. Owaraga is a cultural anthropologist and has over 24 years experience as a manager of significant rural development programmes. She is a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative East Africa, a humanist activist and a founding thinker of the Kigo Thinkers, a Ugandan think tank. She is TWENDE’s social scientist, leading the qualitative research aspects.




Dr. Nyanda Elias Ntinginya

Dr. Nyanda Elias Ntinginya MD, MSc, PhD Candidate, is the Head of TB and Emerging Diseases Research Programs at NIMR-Mbeya Medical Research Centre. Dr. Ntinginya has over 10 years of clinical practice experience and leading TB clinical research including the Multi-Arm Multi Stage (MAMS) for which he was national Principle Investigator for Tanzania. He is the TWENDE’s national Principle Investigator for Tanzania and leads TWENDE research in the Southern half of Tanzania.





Prof. Moses Joloba

Prof. Moses Joloba MD MSc PhD is Professor of Microbiology and the Dean of the School of Biomedical Sciences of the College of Health sciences Makerere University Kampala. He is also the Director for Uganda’s national TB reference laboratory and the WHO representative on diagnostics. Prof. Joloba has over 20 years clinical research experience with particular focus on TB diagnostics and clinical trials. He is TWENDE’s Co-national Principle Investigator for Uganda.


Prof. Blandina MmbagaProf. Blandina Theophil Mmbaga MD Mmed (paediatrics) PhD is the Director of Kilimanjaro Clinical research Institute and Co-Director of KCMC-Duke Research Collaboration. Prof. Mmbaga has over 15 years clinical practice experience and research leadership including IMPAACT research on HIV and TB at KCMC. She is TWENDE’s Co-National Principle Investigator of Tanzania and leads TWENDE research in the Northern half of Tanzania.




Dr. Alphonse Okwera

Dr. Alphonse Okwera MD, MMed, PhD Candidate, is the Head of the National TB referral Treatment Centre at Mulago Hospital and a Honorary Lecturer at the School of Biomedical sciences of the College of Health Sciences of Makerere University Kampala. Dr. Okwera has over 25 years experience of clinical practice and TB research and is leading studies by NIH/DAIDS, NIH/TBRU, NIH/CDC, CDC, WHO, CDC/TB among others. He is the TWENDE National Principle Investigator for Uganda.




Prof. Stephen Gillespie


Prof. Stephen H Gillespie MD, DSc, FRCP(Edin), FRCPath,  is Sir James Black Professor of Medicine at University of St. Andrews. Prof. Gillespie is a consultant clinical
microbiologist with over 30 years of developing infectious disease diagnostics, leading TB clinical trials and research collaboration within East Africa. He is Co-Principle Investigator and Senior Adviser to the TWENDE consortium on diagnostics and clinical aspects of TB.



Dr. Ewan D Chirnside BSc, PDr. Ewan ChirnsidehD, is the Director of the Knowledge Transfer Centre of the University of St. Andrews. Chirnside has over 10 years experience of business development and knowledge transfer for Life Sciences. He is a member of the Association of University Research and Industrial Liaison, the Association of University Technology Managers, the Licensing Executives Society and is a keen golfer. He will help TWENDE to establish knowledge transfer centres at four TWENDE partner institutions in East Africa.