Infection Home

infection group Sept 2015The infection group at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine is divided into the following sections:

Professor Stephen Gillespie’s Group

TBProfessor Gillespie is Chief Investigator of the REMox TB study and one of the Chief Investigators of the PanACEA consortium. Focusing on various aspects of tuberculosis drug development.  Professor Gillespie’s group also studies molecular mechanisms of resistance, model systems to measure the fitness deficits found in resistant strains and investigate respiratory pathogens.

Janet Cox-Singh’s Group

SCg02-5Janet Cox-Singh (JCS) is a research scientist working on malaria. She was instrumental in the discovery of the entry of Plasmodium knowlesi, a malaria parasite adapted to old world macaques, into the human population of Southeast Asia. Research focuses on the use of P. knowlesi genetics, genomics, clinical samples, in vitro culture and genetic manipulation to determine how and why some patients develop high parasitaemia and severe disease and others do not.

Matt Holden’s Group

holden3Dr Matt Holden is a molecular microbiologist studying bioinformatics and bacterial genomes. His research group’s interests focus on investigating the diversity and evolution of bacterial pathogens. In particular, the survival and success of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and also the application of genomics in clinical settings to combat hospital-associated infections.

Derek Sloan’s Group

Derek Sloan is a clinical academic and consultant Infectious Diseases Physician. The work of his group will focus on improving the treatment of infections to reduce morbidity and mortality, both in Scotland and in Low and Middle Income Countries. He is particularly interested in the management of tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases, has worked as a clinician and researcher in Kenya, South Africa and Malawi, and is currently an investigator in the PanACEA consortium. He also contributed to the Ebola Virus Disease response in Sierra Leone in 2015. In NHS Fife, he works closely with the Acute Medicine, Clinical Microbiology and Blood Borne Virus teams.

Devesh Dhasmana’ Group

Unknown-3Dr. Devesh Dhasmana is a Respiratory Physician in NHS Fife and has recently acquired dedicated research time through the NHS Research Scotland (NRS) programme. He has several interests within Respiratory medicine but his research interests center on infection and the many roles this plays in respiratory disease. He is keen to develop the interface between scientific research and the provision of good evidence-based healthcare. There are already strong links between the medical school, the research labs in St Andrews and the hospitals in Fife. He intends to develop these further with the hope of supporting an ever more focused, targeted and effective form of healthcare delivery.